This campaign intends to educate and inspire action. Many of the health impacts identified here are strongly supported by research demonstrating a direct link between consumption of sugary beverages and adverse health outcomes; others are based on emerging evidence or by extrapolating from demonstrated health harms to logical downstream consequences. Comprehensive information about scientific research on this topic may be found at some of the websites listed here.

Shape Up San Francisco

Summary of SF and California legislation related to sugary drinks

Open Truth Lesson Plans

Choose Healthy Drinks

UCSF Sugar Science

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity

California Center for Public Health Advocacy

Kick the Can

Soda Free Summer

Change Lab Solutions

Salud America!
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Network to Prevent Obesity Among Latino Children

Harvard School of Public Health

Better Beverage Finder

Drink Water

Drink Up

Potter the Otter

First 5 • Sugar Bites

Fed Up

Institute for Responsible Nutrition